A birthday wish for my daughter …

Dear Dibudi,

You lit the light of creation

You arrived for your grandparents as the

Youngest and first grand daughter

Young we were nearly of your age now.

God’s gifts are precious and in you

Good, we had you this day that date

Given His blessings we commenced yet another journey, to

Give you what we thought was right.

Time elapse, and as per cosmic age, it has lesser relevance-

Though, for all of us this day makes a great day

Together we see a lot of colors on your horizon

Tomorrows will bring in beauty and bliss for you all.

Here are our best wishes and prayers for you to be

Happy and contented with His blessings

Hope and pray as days pass by, things will evolve and life will-

Hold for you a canvas colored and scenic as nature would showcase.

As we pass time, another few years is what we foresee

Along with the soft waves on the journey of life

All the best and all happiness for the three of you, and it’s

About thanking God, at this moment of time

Steps, you move, stories you create on the fringes of life

Soon may be, we will look forward and watch out to witness

Something more than what we have expected, with God’s grace

So, here are our prayers for you to be successful all the way.


25th October, 2012



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