Roots and Space above

The May flowers had bloomed with the hot and humid conditions. Sweltering heat made us all sweat. But as it happens thunder and lightning accompanied cloud formation on the hill side that I see from Eastern side of my balcony. Pre-monsoon showers are a welcome (not so welcome for many who had to suffer the onslaught) and I commenced my thoughts on a curve that took me to areas of unknown.

For every heat there is a cool phase – like the two sides of the coin. We see that rains followed immense heat. Nature teaches us so many things. Especially to balance!

After a jackfruit fell by itself Aravind, my years old friend gifted it to us and we made the best use of it. Our grandson who sat near asked many questions – WHY? I told him that the one who planted the seed no more eats the fruit and we get the benefits of his action. As we travel on our journey of life we need to look beyond and do things that will help the future and people around, by sharing. We ate the fruit and my wife made a concoction of the fruit in jaggery named as CHAKKA VARATIYATH. The seeds were dried soaked in water and when I showed the seed that had roots of germination to Darsh, grandson he was curious as to ask why the seed had two sections and from one small section of the seed came the roots that the plant will grow. With my limited knowledge of botany taught by Prof. Hunt at Malabar Christian College I Googled. It’s wonderful to see that testa splits and coteledons comes above the ground and bear leaves allowing it-self to shrink as it supports growth to a plant. The small portion grows as roots into the ground – a SHARing process that helps the plant grow. Nature thus indicates to us that we as humans need to share and support us and help others move forward. As my wife is cooks the jackfruit seed with raw mangoes in a curry I realize the immense learning that my grandson and I in had in understanding the otherwise insignificant jack fruit seed.

Being a cryogenic engineer by profession I was involved in supplying cryogenic liquid gases for ISRO’s rocket propulsion projects. Not as an afterthought, but during those initial phases of dispatching Liquid Nitrogen used for simulating conditions for the tests conducted on the space craft, I used to wonder how each element of nature complement each other to bring an idea to shape. Later when Cryogenic liquids Oxygen and Hydrogen were used for the rocket propulsion, I felt connected to the link on SHARE as a process. Rockets that carry the fuels propel the comparatively smaller space craft and after propelling fall away leaving the space craft to perform in the outer space. The rockets extinguish in doing assigned work.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Find the purpose, means will follow” and as I read the book “I am THAT” I dwelled myself to understand me and the person in me.

In a cosmic scenario, we human beings look at things in a way as if only our ego is considered. We tend to lose track and lose focus in our journey of life. We do not move away from the comfort Zones to Un-comfortable Zones for fear of losing. Paulo Coehlo in his book The Fifth Mountain says – “Fear reaches only to the point where the unavoidable begins. From there on, it loses its meaning”. We hold on to past and clutch ourselves leaving the responsibility to perform and share our wealth in terms of knowledge, skills and talents as well as immovable assets that perish if we do not make the best use of. We think selfish and now take pictures of ourselves called SELFIE and publish to blow our own trumpets.

We need to look outward to understand inward. To track our trajectory we look at space missions or jackfruit roots. We need to know what makes May flowers attract rains!

It’s about balance – balance of thoughts. Osho said there are no good thoughts or bad thoughts – there are only thoughts! As we tend to assign good and bad in us and amongst us we are making judgments. Where we have no influence we judge with prejudices. We corrupt our own mind. “I am THAT” tell us that we are part and parcel of the huge canvas. We co-exist.

In that miniscule of time span called life – we play the game of hide and seek! Instead we need to play the game of snakes and ladders to appreciate losses are actually gains if we are able to learn from the errors we make.

I tend to listen and understand the meaning of “Witnessing Life” as a learning and find comfort in letting things go with a desire and even without. As you create Domino’s and leaves them to fall – we witness. Let go the roots and view the larger canvas of space. Witnessing supports softening own thought process. The witness resides in our hearts.