The magic of “Two Twelve Degree”

A fine morning lazing around with a drizzle outside, I walked around the room and saw an old piece of cloth that Usha, my wife had kept it so long. The words on that small piece of cloth had imprint as “Nile Hilton”. Triggered to get back on that trip to Cairo, put me forward with a thought on INSPIRATION.


Most of us know what we do, how we do but less of us know “why” we do what we do. This helps us to understand the purpose of lives. Purpose with which we get up in the morning that brings us a different opportunity, clubbed with chirping of birds, new environment and opportunities that unfold.


Let’s think about this that helped me intrigue about why Egyptians built mammoth pyramids, for reasons well known to them. Climbing up to a reasonable height on one of the pyramids to understand a bit about the huge structures was a purpose of that trip.


I read a line – “Don’t try to understand everything. Sometimes it is not meant to be understood, just accepted”. Does it apply with respect to all issues of understanding and thinking?  When we think “Everything happens for a reason” we try to understand why things happen? It’s on situations where we have no influence to alter that we witness and accept what happens!


“Why” – one of the five significant words critical to understand reason start with the vowel “W”. Other words are What, When, Where and Who? – in a chain of questions that can provide answers. To know the answer for the question WHY inspires us to look beyond.


Inspiration is an energy provider for our brains. If we use our brains well it works, otherwise it becomes redundant and useless. As long as channels of thoughts are productive and creative and we use our brains for focused thoughts we can contribute more. Purpose and Passion drive us on the journey of an inspired path of creation. Some of us however retreat and withdraw.


It is in that context we go back to basics enter kitchen and start making a cup of tea. Take a cup of water and allow it to boil and watch. Till the temperature is 211* F water is just hot. It turns to bubbles and boil when it is 212*F.


A lesson we learn is fuelled with a thought and commitment to realize goals. Journey may be cumbersome and may have opposing conditions to reach that ONE EXTRA Degree when water turns to steam to unleash a huge potential energy.


We need to cross that line – a line we think is a road block. Most times the enemy is within – our own mind sets. On one side of that line is negative thought that create doubts and on other side is positive thoughts that ask questions on purpose, passion and commitment. Rest is creation – about the idea that we nurture so that a larger number of society is impacted by leveraging effort.


Pyramids were built before 4000 years back. The great pyramid of Giza weighs 6.5 million tons and with that 30 Empire State Buildings could have been made in today’s times. Each Block of stone is more than 7 tons. It signifies an effort that might have taken 23 years to complete one huge Pyramid. It stands even now – stand as a testimony of an effort driven by purpose and passion.


Two sides of the coin on aspects of pyramids provide answers for not understanding and probing what is beyond our intellect and influential barriers. The other aspect is about crossing that thin line between our thoughts of creativity with commitment and passion to pursue and perform.


Usha and I went around on camel backs and wonder how the broken English speaking camel owner explained WHY those pyramids were built? On one side was the comfort of Nile Hilton but unable to provide answers for the mammoth effort of people who made it.


Can we think for answers to our thoughts when we see a thin line in front of our tasks and we tend to withdraw?


“Two Twelve degrees” – 212* Fahrenheit – is that exact boundary when water releases its potential. Minus one does not take you anywhere. Efforts with passion and commitment takes us forward on a trajectory we plan to arrive when we cross that limiting line.


Success lies on the other side of the thin line we call as obstacles or challenges. Efforts give momentum and defuse illusions of realizing our dreams.