Just a Moment . . . please.

I was cooking yesterday with spices and herbs and the dish reminded me of Opor Ayam that we enjoyed in Bali.  With a simmering heat, I was passing through feelings garnished with aroma and colour changes. Then I turned to make a dessert and as I passed through the mood and ambience, remembered my old friend Sameer Al-Khadravi, with whom I enjoyed Basboosa a curd soaked, coconut sprinkled, syrup drenched, semolina based dessert. When the work was done I realized the flavor of that moment.


As days come and nights fall, we still request “Just a moment, please.” – That moment I realized after cooking made me think of time. We lose time and its value as we engage in innumerable activities at work or otherwise. As someone said – time appears like a river in flow, we cannot hold or touch the same molecule of water again, and so enjoy every moment in life. We also come across moments that make us happy and at times sad. Life we need to understand is a song, played in background with a piano, in rhythm. A piano has white and black keys, white representing happy and black sad moments – but the music is enhanced by playing both the keys in a measure of composition.


“We do not remember days; we remember moments” CeSare Pavese said. Sometimes we do not know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Time has elapsed by then.


Either we spend our time in search of what has gone by or what is in store for us. We tend to evaluate and procrastinate we tend to plan and plan more with an “analysis paralysis syndrome”. We tend to reach our own destinations fast, ignoring the journey. In that process we forget to seek direction for arriving at the destination. We indulge in internal dialogues and loose silence within to introspect and learn. We lose the True North as we move ahead in lives. True North and Magnet North are different. True North emanates from own bottom line – the “Lakshman Rekha” a line of compromises, a balance between moments that makes up time.  That defines the moment of truth. Like that I got while in the Kitchen. Good moments reconnect to the wonderful moments of the past like that of Opor ayam and basboosa.


Lessons learnt are simple– we need to change and amend as we pass by time. When we come across road blocks on our journey of life we find alternatives. The moments that pass by need to be taken care of. Not to worry about what has gone by or what is yet to be disclosed by nature. Moments are interludes on the thread of time. It’s difficult with a wandering mind to accept and practice, the mere idea of enjoying the miniscule of time that can provide comfort.


Just a MOMENT, please.

Just a MOMENT, please.


Albert Einstein said “Time is an illusion.” – That applies well to a mind that gets confused in dealing with TIME. A corollary to that is what Alan Wilson said – “Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”  I practice using two imaginary compartments of my brain – a DUST BIN and a FREEZER: what I cannot influence by my effort on time scale, I use DUST BIN and that I need to re-visit, use FREEZER.


Being a professional I came across many sessions that dealt with TIME MANAGEMENT. Those sessions tell us how to manage time as a resource. But I tend to believe what Mahatma Gandhi said:  “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”


My wife at times remind me of not being on time is as well good. Right – Wrong? God has perfect timing, never early never late. It takes a little patience and a little faith – but it’s worth the wait. It may not be visible as a perfect time.


Moments are precious, it is infinitely creative – and the place we are connected is bountiful; we need to work on the moments and make it sustainable. If the mind wander and leave moments to history we lose our lives. Our own mind acts as our main enemy and we underperform. Nothing comes from outside, everything is generated and achieved from within – it’s our own thought, to feel the moments that pass by and recognize and align hopes that try and match with reality as moments pass into history. Inhabit in those lovely moments, feel them and do not leave it for someone else to occupy – its precious; it’s yours. Our emotions affect every part of our cell, mind and body, mental and physical – let go when you cannot control it.


Nothing is really good or bad, but thinking shapes the outcome. As time clicks let’s move on that much travelled grey path, where many have traversed without seeking the perfect white or black that do not exist. Un-certainty is best dealt by being at this moment – the only moment of truth.


In our lives, when we lose direction that leads to success, we may find we are NOT really doing anything right. My friend’s wife is immobile and depends upon an object to walk. This is for the last twenty years, and he supports her in all aspects of running the house and managing their full time social and spiritual activities, a sublime act that forgets about past and future. Another family friend Rati, who owns “Rat’s Brushworks”, is on her own though she is unable to mend herself for most of her own daily routines. She finds time with children and colours and teaches them the art of painting that she marvels in. Both create an ambience of happiness enjoying the precious moments that makes their lives.

In the end what matters is taking ownership of the moments that makes up our lives. Living abundantly because we have abundant capabilities and potential, that is the core of the theme of “Just a Moment, please”.  Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize winning physicist summed it up: – Atoms or elementary particles are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities”.


We need to appreciate the value and potential of the moments that pass by, once passed we cannot touch them like the flow of water in the river, believe in the possibilities and enjoy the moment with passion and life into it.