In a flight in search … (Happiness …)

Recently I changed my Facebook cover photo from that of my grandson’s picture to a bird and captioned it with “In a flight in search …” and found a thread in that very line to write this.

Some links connect to my grandson and toys he has in plenty. When we returned from his home to Calicut, my wife carried a few toys in her baggage and presented those to Sumitha who has two sons who come with her to our building to play around.

That moment when the toys were handed over to them the youngster said – “there are cars in this bundle that can run faster than those on roads!” – The joy on their faces was too much to believe as we felt nothing beyond parting away with something that was in surplus. Watching the joy made my mind at work to seek what I am trying to probe – happiness is?

Sumitha told me that her kids kept those toys near their pillows as they slept that night.

I saw one of them playing with the car the next day. And after a while it fell from the steps and broke. The elder one came in and was upset. “What will you tell our neighbors and friends when they see your car is damaged?” – Elder one quelled.

“I will tell them that another aunty will give me a surprise gift and a more colorful faster moving toy car, and will fix this broken piece with rice glue”. The best glue that he saw so far is rice paste. Both went on to have their own games that evening.

I often found the concept of SHARE as a meaningful purpose in my early life, probably instilled as a value for values by my mother who never went beyond secondary school in her education. The meaning of some stories she told us still revisit in mind. At times the thoughts help an imaginary flight in search to find true meaning of concepts and how and to apply those in lives.

We used to exchange old clothes in return for vessels through vendors who arrive at our door steps. Then we switched to handing old clothes over to child homes. Of late we thought to give it off to the needy and not greedy. It meant we witness the joy of receiving from moments of SHARE.

Along with those old clothes passed on to a needy family who took those with gratitude was a shirt embossed with name of one of the US Companies I worked. A nice white full sleeved one. Having forgotten the name “Wittemaan” I got fused to the logo as I sat at a function and noticed an elderly person wearing the same shirt was sitting in front of me.

I was overwhelmed on the fact of recycling more closely as me and another member of CMA, went to Bengaluru to study the process of recycling waste into electricity as researched by the Indian Institute of Science. Possibilities exist.  My nephew who studied automobile engineering in Germany informed me of the various possibilities of re-conversion of wasteful spent of the car like heat, sound etc. in to useful energy by conversion.

The joy of receiving the toy, keeping those near their pillows kept me thinking of the concept of SHARE.

Only the other day I asked him what he did with the broken car. He said the rice glue did not help to make up the break. But he said his brother who was upset seeing his broken car was temporarily happy and slowly forgot of the sad feeling.

It’s written that “falling is not the most important thing, it’s how fast you get up and walk” that is important.

Rati from Worli, Mumbai who is crippled for her life and a best friend of mine, recently sent me a What Sapp message reading as under:-

{Walking is the best exercise – “walk away” from arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger, “walk away” from people who deliberately put you down, “walk away” from thoughts reduces your worth, “walk away” from failures and fears that block your dreams, the more you “walk away” from things that poison your soul, the happier your life would be – walk towards happiness!}

In search of happiness is what the flight of the bird indicated. Thank you Rati, even though I know you cannot walk forward, your “forward” to me was of great input and a SHARED thought for me to appreciate what happiness is?

I met the same youngster the other day and enquired whether the other aunty gave him the surprise gift?

“It’s yet to come, delayed, but for sure!”

He was actually dreaming that the best is yet to arrive in his life. He probably wanted all his friends also believe that damage or failures make no difference to dream realization. He in that process set up an array of positive thoughts including neighbors that “lost is lost” and many things are there that can be created or achieved including realizing dreams.

We chase happiness by buying costly things and apparels to create an image to project the not so of ourselves, and to wear masks.

Look at the boy and the elder person who put up an image of not on borrowed bargains but of self-worth knowing well “who I am”. Contented are they.

Difficulties or fear dampen path to happiness, but with an attitude to win over the hearts of self and those of others, they tend to live in the moment – where truth exists.


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