Changing trends …

Emotional Quotient of the three “Q”s – IQ, EQ and LQ (luck) is probably where we all get stuck that gets our moods to swing. Feelings are deep and very involved. Can feelings be remote controlled? Especially with the digitally transformed technology driven world we live in? Whether in the drawing room, at work or in social places our moods swing due to remote controlled signals. Our daughters were in primary school in the Middle East and they used to play with a toy car run on radio waves on a remote switch. Our grandson is aware of drones that are driven by technology. Not long ago, a worker was killed in a factory making automobiles by a robot, but reason for death is still to be established, though initial response was human error. “Henn na” Hotel in Japan opening in July this year is an innovative idea to be LEAN for cost reduction by use of robots. For the hospitality industry where my daughter initially worked learnt that human relations is key for success. Then how this remote controlled hotel in South West Japan is able to manage guest’s needs exceeding expectations? The robot, a female humanoid at reception has blinking eye lashes. You, as a guest punch in details and from front desk to your room including trolley movement are well coordinated. Entrance to your room is not by use of electronic WIN cards, but by face recognition technology. Robots are not good in finding list keys in case … ! If this is the trend, how relationships can be managed and influenced? Parent, both professionals – how do they take care of their siblings? CCTV net work connects them from home to work stations. It’s safer than keeping an “aya” who may hand over the child on a temporary assignment for a beggar on traffic signal junctions. The “cell” actually puts our generation into a cell where most of the feelings are in compartments in digital forms in What’s App and Messenger – a virtual enclosure. “Skype” that may be payable soon help people to be “seen” and heard during week end sessions. Heard? There are companies that conduct funerals and send CCTV footages to foreign countries, at a cost. Where is time gone? Are we sacrificing anything? By being on the touch pad, are we losing the touch on live’s buttons? No wonder, feelings generated within hearts are less heard. Digital chords camouflage the understanding and meaning of body language, as we communicate and miss the warmth in our relationships. Alas, we move on with advances not recognising the after affects. We are tied up with time and are in a hurry to chase time. We lose touch with human beings!


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