Crack the bubble…

Contradictions contribute to stress? Does” identity” related differences influence our behaviors?

It was nice to observe me, the neighborhood, friends and spaces around to see complexity and confusion; find possibilities to convert problems as opportunities to make me less stressed.

Most of us in the digital age are numbered like in jails. We have passwords and identification numbers for most transactions including that on social media. Identity is in a crisis – some say. What do you feel?

Identity is a concept of own and others’ affiliations on people. It’s how “me” is seen, by self and others.  The central idea is that any individual’s sense of identity is determined in large part by the explorations and commitments that we make regarding certain personal and social traits. Since identity is a virtual thing, it is impossible to define it empirically. Hall suggests “Identity is a process and takes into account the reality of diverse and ever-changing social experience”.

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve known.” – Chuck Palahniiuk. Let us check out if we ever looked at us in a serious way and to find a pattern to be aware of our own identity. “When we discover who we are, we will be free.” – Ralph Ellison says. To discover who we are, we need to find who we are not.

The confusion creates a crisis, as individuals we position ourselves on a larger canvas – in professional, global scenario, at work or in social terms. We merge and synthesize to adapt to the changing environments. The crucible shuffles, shakes and forms new identities. We need to be aware of these contributing influences.

Unless this is known it is difficult to move from comfortable positions of identities to uncomfortable platforms as we evolve. We keep changing the cast that forms our identities as environments change. That makes us universal or global citizens in making progress and growth. Over thinking may not be the ideal solution. Finding the gray between the pure white and pure black of “right and wrong” is a fast forward option. Move on …

As we search for “STRESS RELIEF” pills, tranquilizers and other means, an alternative is to introspect and find internal peace, which is in our own hands.

“The ability to enjoy life begins with a simple ability to relax” – Kriyananda says. But that’s the most difficult part! Remember in chasing material benefits – happiness is eluded not enhanced.

Gandhi Ji said – “Find the purpose; means will follow”.

Check out who you are and who you want to be. Stephen Cowe recommended in his book “8th Habit” to conduct your own funeral and ask the question – is this identity that you would like to leave behind when dead?”

If not; let us pull out the bubble within us to see who we are – to find our own identity.

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