Life – No explanations needed …. Just smile.

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31st October, 2015. Some reflections enriched my way of looking at life on this day. We were at our grandson’s school as grandparents for a celebration. The function well organized had music, dance and speeches and ended up with a game for grandparents! Age plays, when energy wanes and enthusiasm dies, but this get together reset my mood. I asked “when did I last behave like a child” – as I watched my wife play the game for grandparents. That gave me a chance to peep back.

Later I was at the beach watching our grandson play with the waves. Waves and tides have their own rhythm not set by anyone’s directives. I listened to the roar of the waves. I watched sea gulls flying above trying to catch their feed and almost immersed into myself looking at my grandson getting wet in the sea. Over a time, I stretched my thoughts listening to myself. Standing at the beach, I realized the vastness of the universe and the insignificant me. I felt it’s nice to grow down rather than growing up. I listened intensely to my inner self.

A bit later, I applied “reverse gear” on my life. I etched and browsed into my past. Times have really changed. I thought of my grandparents both from paternal and maternal side. They both taught immense lessons. For a while I closed my eyes and dipped into my young days. I recollected times when my parents held my little finger as we walked to the beach. All of a sudden I recalled watching an aircraft in the sky as a child. I wanted to fly. My parents said that it was not possible, because we did not have enough! Later, I flew to continents. I realized then contentment or “enough is enough” feeling is needed to curtail excessive desires. Like the tides and waves; opportunities keep knocking at your doorstep to create destiny. Not to worry – much! Abundance persists but we need to find that in us and around us.

Aren’t we adults, obsolete children?

Standing at the beach side I probed? Did I set priorities in context while growing up to be a good grandparent?

As a school child, I studied at a convent school and moved to a nearby German Missionary initiated High School. The first year in College opened up as a gift. Then I had exposure to work and to learn. I remembered writing a story watching the stars rising during one of those sun-set as a student. The stars will rise and the sun will set as a routine. Priorities keep shifting. But we need to play with times. Our childhood may be over; that does not mean play time is over.

On 31st October watching my wife playing the game, I remembered the book “Games People Play” – written by Eric Berne. We need to switch between child – parent and adult. That helps us to appreciate the never ending child in us, to reinvent ourselves as we grow.

We need to be happy – to be happy for no particular reason. If we identify and seek happiness for a reason we may be in trouble. Live the moments. Otherwise that particular reason that we identified for our happiness may be taken away from us.

As I went for my usual morning walk, I observed a number of grandparents, either taking their grand children to school bus, holding their hands and playing with them, watching them play hide and seek or just gracing the greens in the garden.

I looked at them. That lit my inner self. It was possible after I listened intensely to myself, introspected on life and reset my priorities to feel good. Now I find I need not have a particular reason to be happy.

I smiled at all those grandparents who returned their smiles. Grand children also smiled – No reasons assigned!


4 thoughts on “Life – No explanations needed …. Just smile.

  1. Since nothing grows younger, I have not given much thought to growing old. I prefer to take it only as a passage of time, until at times I realize that I cannot do many things I did before. Then again, I am doing things now, that I never did before as well 😄😄. Cheers Amar.

  2. Krishnamoorthy (from London) wrote:-How are you doing? I enjoyed reading your write up.
    Very lucky to be born as a Human being with all the capabilities that God has bestowed.
    Happy to be fit and free of ailments, able to breathe fresh Air
    Happy to enjoy simple freedom
    Happy to have been through countless journeys and seen so many sights
    Powerful and vivid memories take you back in an instant

    The list is not exhaustive, but a few thoughts that your write up kindled.


  3. Suresh Haridas (Dammam) wrote:- Since nothing grows younger, I have not given much thought to growing old. I prefer to take it only as a passage of time, until at times I realize that I cannot do many things I did before. Then again, I am doing things now, that I never did before as well 😄😄. Cheers Amar.

  4. Dr. Irene Hunt wrote:- Dear Amarnath,’
    I read Ur post– reason to smile—beautifully written.U r really a talented writer.
    Yes at our age when we look back we r blessed with more comforts than our parents .We r thankful that our parents training and advice helped us to reach this position . More over we r happy for our children & grandchildren also.So we have every reason to smile .
    Thank u for the nice thought ,
    Irene .

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