A few days before I decided to get in to the space rarely people venture unless it is a dream – The Future. Then I remembered my friend in Dammam (Saudi Arabia) advising me to get in to my past right from imagining that I was in the womb of my mother. Another colleague said that I reached thus far till that moment on a straight line path and future is an extension of that straight line. Wondered what it means? It appears that future, like the past and present influences each other. Just like past influencing future can alter present. It’s all made up of STEPS, steps on which we move up and down or stand still.

As I sat on the STEPS recently at my friend’s house “Sriniketan” in Kalladikkode, I thought for a while that future is unknown. I sat on the steps that lead me to a water reservoir where he breeds fish. His narration was that the pond was a result of the removal of granite stones on the rocky formation that his great grandfather had allowed the British Logistics people to blast. The granite stones paved the road that connected Malabar’s North and South. The story of the past to the future is embedded on those STEPS made of granite where I sat to pose for a picture. History evolves in STEPS.

It is Deepak Chopra who said – “Relinquish attachment to the known, STEP into the unknown and you will STEP into the field of all possibilities”

Planning success is a matter that management books tell us about. They follow the STEP by STEP method.

My thoughts were in consolidation that STEPS make it possible, to learn from the past and enter the unknown future. Darsh my grandson grew up from birth (like all of us) making attempts and walking on legs with tiny STEPS to create own future. We need to appreciate this fundamental principle that small STEPS rather than huge ones help us to get back sooner after a fall or to correct a mistake.

Life is a series of STEPS, small ones, mostly insignificant, in our journey of life. Some think that taking a STEP backward after making many forward STEPS is not bad. Most of the time we all take STEPS independently and at times holding some one’s hand. Sharing lives together is actually sharing a STEP in time. As I was recouping after the Transverse Myelitis disease the doctor advised initially to walk forward which I could do with difficulty, sideways more difficult but taking STEPS backward was impossible. That of course was after I was paralyzed due to a virus infliction. As time moved my STEPS helped me to return to life. Some STEPS build boundaries. They limit relationships. They fence you in. Forgiving is not a STEP backward, in fact is a STEP forward. Most of us get stuck in routines, and forget that we need to take deviating STEPS as we align with the true North that provide us with the direction in our journey.

It was Lao Tzu who said – “A journey of thousand miles begin with a single STEP”

It was on camel backs that my wife and me took STEPS to see the magnitude of Egyptian Pyramids. Those gigantic stones were raised up in STEPS in their creation. It takes time to climb STEPS and to peak in performance. History is etched in STEPS. Wonder the old story of “slow and steady wins the race” is in conflict with the pace we affix in our daily routines. Pause on one of those STEPS may allow us to introspect and find alternatives. Nature nurtures our thoughts on STEPS that we take in haste. Also the short cuts we attempt to go past.

This month I STEPPED out and visited ailing friends and classmates. Never thought that those STEPS I deviated from routine would make them and me a lot happier. Dalai Lama – “Time flows; no one can stop time.” He continued “All sentient beings wish to be happy. Because of the power of intelligence, human beings have much better ability to avoid suffering. Intelligence is also the source of problems. There’s too much stress. The more educated you are, the more expectations you have (and others have of you), your hopes and fears too are intensified because of memory and intelligence.” A STEP to think!

In 2015 we visited Hampi and that’s a place of history where stones are carved that created an empire of architecture. On some STEPS I sat so deeply in thoughts to go backward and also forward into spaces unknown. History is etched in STEPS.

It is in this context that my family collects stones from countries we visit and our friend’s visit. To make STEPS in memoirs to feel that places we visited; are on the mother earth and those stones tell us stories. We need to write our own stories of our lives. Lives – that enrich. We need to find out STEPS that allow us to walk an extra mile where it is not crowded. In 1969 Neil Armstrong said “That’s one small STEP for man; one giant leap for mankind” as he landed on moon.

Nick Vijucik does not have legs to make leaps! He has tiny ones; nevertheless he makes STEPS. Watch this VIDEO on you tube and the link:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lrXTvOTncU

As I returned home from “Sriniketan” stopping over the STEPS in history I thought future holds relevance to the past and present and influence all of us to take STEPS, at times deviating STEPS so that we chart our story with thoughts.