Soliloquy (Ugly is beautiful – if handled well)

Beyond the might of Alps, its beauty and elegance, what still strikes me when in thoughts is what my wife and I watched with awe. A lady holding her pet dog allowed it to litter on snow. After that she took out a plastic bag, picked up the discharge, wrapped and rolled it into her hand bag. Just a few days ago, while stepping into lift in our flat I stepped on to urine left behind by a pet dog and not minded by the owner. Both are lessons, about attitudes.

Observing nature is a source of abundance to learn lessons. Like reading a book, listening to TED lectures, discussing with people and thinking aloud, questioning with a reason.

Stories nurture our minds if we observe and listen like a child.

I learnt a lesson from this story. A farmer who grew award-winning corn was interviewed. The reporter discovered that she shared her corn seed with her neighbours.

Reporter asked the farmer “How can you afford to share your best corn seed with your neighbors when they are in competition with yours?”

he answered: The wind picks up pollen from ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbours grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbours grow good corn.”

Her attitude is a lesson. Those who choose to live in peace must help others to be happy. Happiness is infectious. Those who choose to be happy help others to find happiness, for the welfare of each is linked up with welfare of all.

It is possible to give away and become richer! It is also possible to hold on too tightly and lose everything. Reading this story, I went into a state of soliloquy. In general we take things for granted and remain ignorant how nature is at work in the background for us.

As we move on our journey it is interesting to take interludes and watch mojo moments that catapult our moods.

I wonder how a flower named “Star of Bethlehem” blossoms once in a year and another one named “Neelakurinji” in Munnar, Kerala blossoms once in 14 years. Another variety named “Puya berteroniana” flowers once in a century. Remember the Deciduous plants that shed leaves in winter? Have you heard of a bird named Pied Crested Cuckoo” that only drinks water when it rains and not any other way? All these are examples that enrich our understanding in making choices, being silent and at times using the tactics of “Deaf-Ear” in relationships.

On my Face book account I add a quote and a picture daily, and the largest number of “like” came for the quote – “Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about”.

That brings us to the concept of “deaf-ear and blind-eye” syndrome in relationships. That’s acting “as-if” you did not hear when communications that you do not want to respond. By choosing to have temporary “blind eyes”, we tend to move on a path that least disturb the equilibrium in relationships.

Disposing off dogs excreta, shedding of leaves when matured, bird waiting for rains for drinking water, flower that blossom in a century – help us to understand that in a large cosmic alignment we can make choices that makes others happier.

To a large extent it’s about empathy, like the corn grower, that we manage the outcome to best advantage that result in exciting moments, and reap maximum benefits.

We need to build a relationship with nature, so that the tendency we create in ourselves “deaf-ear” & “blind-eye”, wipe away the clouds we recreate so that we listen to birds chirps and feel the wind that brush past our cheeks.


27 thoughts on “Soliloquy (Ugly is beautiful – if handled well)

  1. Deepa Maratt – “It is said God dwells in the conscience of man. The voice of God is the voice of our conscience. If we choose to listen to that voice and turn a deaf-ear to external noise we can be content and extend love and happiness to those who are in need. Thank you mama, for sharing the voice of your conscience. Feel deeply blessed.”

  2. Excellent ! Yes, I have hardly appreciated nature unless we have paid and traveled for watching nature when we visit places.
    As regards your observation about the Dog on the Alps, I have seen the same in USA when walking over even a hillock , which is hardly walked over by humans.
    Love and regards to Usha and you, – Jayanta Ghoshal

    • Nature in any form is beautiful and has a message to convey. Our politicians should follow the corn growers policy.

  3. Nature in any form is beautiful and has some message to convey . The corn growers thoughts can be adopted by our politicians .

  4. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful enlightening article. Keep on writing and keep inspiring us with your thoughts.

  5. Dear Sir first let me tell u i love the new u,Grey suits u . I enjoyed this writeup too . in fact it made me think about our attitudes to so many trivial but important thiongs around us . happy writing .

  6. The way you connect your experiences so beautifully to tell a story, is an art! thank you for sharing these with so many of us, Papa!

    • I think STORY is easy to listen to and easy to grasp with emotions – my grandparents from both sides were real story tellers – without much education, but their articulation and content are still inspirations

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