Reshaping self beliefs

As I was in the kitchen making dosha my wife was engrossed in cooking iddlis. The batter is nearly the same but iddlis are cooked different. Simple, though, that moment set a pattern of questions in mind.

Most turned out on the belief systems that get embedded in our minds. They set our thoughts, and those very thoughts turn the way we see moments, hours, days and months into future.

In my house where six of us went to schools and colleges my ammamma (grand mom) made iddlis on week days and dosha or aappams during weekends.  As I grew I knew the reason. But the set belief about iddlis still linker in mind countering reasons. This happens.

Probably belief systems damage relationships. We tend to believe “SHE” is not as good as “HE”. Some believe that days passed by were better than days to come. At least a few think that financially they can never recover. We tend to believe some of the illnesses are not curable. It’s a mental fabric that creates impediments for us to look beyond.

While working in the Middle East when I used to start the car early morning, cats that rested under chassis crossed and ran to front. Belief system indicated earlier in life was a bad omen. If I were to wait for something better to cross I would never have attended work!

Look at children and we see them not confined to themselves with such set beliefs. They have no fear. They take things and chose their ways on the spur of the moment. We were once upon a time like them. Over a period of time we changed to a set pattern of thought. If fear is cultivated, that seed becomes stronger. In a changing world scenario unless we change our thoughts we become victims of own thoughts.

By changing our thoughts we can shift gears in our journey called life. Using the indicators and making amends in the route we reach our goals at ease. When brakes are applied we find ways to escape un-hurt. Feelings are the same. Declutching is a need to change and move forward. We need to practice forgiveness.

It’s a mental agony when we swim within the restrictions set by those very belief systems. We get diseases due to toxic contents injected by thoughts. Our attitudes measure and drive us. The way to view and review our thought patterns are like viewing the rear view mirror and side view mirrors.

“The cause and effect” theory is applicable the way we feel happy or otherwise. Situations keep changing. We need to understand the cause that we create. Then appreciate the affect on us. We cause internal injury by some thoughts.

It’s rigidity in our set patterns of thought that give us stiff necks and chest pains. If we are flexible and at ease with the swinging affects that surround us, we see things like the way children play with kaleidoscope. Adapt and enjoy with the ever improving patterns that emerge on a tilt of kaleidoscope. Children play with toys. Can we?

We get involved as we move on time with jealousy, guilt, anger, criticism, hurt and resentment. We anchor thoughts inflicting internal bleeds with negative feelings. This robs us of the brightness of the day, the chirp of birds, and the magic of colours of the flowers we see. We shut our eyes to those wonderful moments by purposely filtering only negative thoughts. Why do we harbor our past? Why we often reload elapsed time spaces?

Stiff necks and bottlenecks siphon out our energies. They give us constipation, both physical and in feelings. Rigidity causes heartburns. We create our own boundaries. Out-of-the-box thinking is a tool we need to apply in daily lives. Edward de Bono created the seven hats exercise to find alternatives. We can think different – vertical and horizontal. That helps us to pause, re-visit, lift the anchor and steer away from the turmoil or the tsunami we expected were hindering us to move ahead.

For internal peace and happiness we need to have a self approval process of our identities and images we create.  We are what we are due to our thought chains. We need to indulge in thoughts that ignite and burn self beliefs. And that ignition lights pathways to progress. Love without conditions is integral to forgiving.

After all iddlis also have changed shapes and forms!







14 thoughts on “Reshaping self beliefs

  1. Enjoyed reading it, Amar. Fear, indeed is the key. For a baby a reaction to sudden noise or movement is a necessity for survival. Once that phase passes we should still be able to react, but over-reacting creates all the negativity in life. It’s never too late to ” relearn”. Relearn all the processes of early childhood and the wonder at fresh discoveries. We need to discover new things in life…..we need to try new chutnies for our Idlis and Dosas. Cheers !

    • Dear Suresh, Reflection is what happens when the shutter opens on to a screen in a photograph. I enjoyed it all with you and your pictures. Similar is my response as I read your comment and view here. I will now look for new chutnies! Thank you. Say Hi to Salma

  2. Great piece ! We pave the way I guess for our kids to adopt the negative patterns we acquired as well too. The key is in breaking those patterns by staying teachable , stay experimenting , fear no failure , impress ourselves than seek approval of others ( selflessness is promoted by society for its own perpetuity ) .

  3. Dinesh Govind from Qatar Said:- Wonderful…. I not only read the “Reshaping of Self Beliefs” but also started reading the others… truly sharing experience and if current generation wants there are lot of messages !

  4. Dr Prahlad Vadakkepat (S’Pore) :- Amarnath Ji, Beliefs – in my last night lecture, I was teaching artificial neural networks, where I had mentioned about the ability to fool oneself (brain) to any extend! :: I liked the anecdotal and gradma wisdom on Iddlies vs Dosas making – after all iddlies also have changed shapes and forms!

    Regards, Prahlad –

  5. Very true and well said Sir!

    Btw, these prior beliefs are exploited in computing – Bayesian statistics – by setting up prior probabilities – to make machines think like human 🙂

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