P i N k


When “AMUL” brought out the advertisement “Stay in the PINK of health”, I thought of the way we all are dying with a lack of mental strength and health.

This time all over again I stretched out of my long drawn disinterest not to watch moves, the last probably being PIKU, on which I blogged, that time.

Amul’s ad is using the caption PINK, the Amitabh movie that we all watched again at Crown theatre. The tickets were done by my elder daughter’s husband through digital account. No need to be in queue, and as we entered the hall was not full. Probably the story invades in our minds with an axe

Amitabh acted no doubt on that part, but all those tiny characters acted well too. Sircar did a wonderful job that presented women and their plight. The 20+ age group is set to rule the professional world with more than 60% of total by year 2020, by projections. It’s relevant that we watch and probably look for a hand kerchief in between.

The theme could have been like a detective film but narrated in the court and through lawyers. The story unfolds what probably is and what may cause heart burns to many in future.

Power in any form needs to be handled well, as otherwise the nation dies. As powerless now rule the majority. But the increasing level of understanding and applying thoughts may have an impact on society as I felt after watching PINK.

“Safety rules” came up to me as a good subject as an ardent trainer on safety matters in professional life.  One needs to recognize the conceptual and reality paths and the gaps within so that accidents do not turn out on victim’s survival. Policies are important and that comes out of processes.

Like the American citizen Harinder Bains  who spotted Rahami in US, Amitabh’s show as a lawyer who takes over the gown all over again to lead truth in to the court need to be part of the psyche of every citizen as a responsible fearless individual. You need to be ruthless and open to show the difference so that the erring persons whether on road or in hiding is taken to stage of justice.

Girls are girls and boys are boys, as we turn ourselves and tilt the gender biases in balance over a period of time. After all time is in check, to change the mode and morals in the factory of ethics. The cast need to change as we mould young minds that outgrow set patterns of thought processes that take over the rules and establishments.

“NO” is a word that years back my sister in Canada informed me of teaching her sons in Kindergarten Schools long back. Instead of A B C, the curriculum advances with saying NO. It’s difficult to say so, for fear of being isolated. But as my ex boss mentioned once – If you want to resolve, you should be at the center of the crowd. no is a NO, including that for consensual sex. That’s it as mentioned by Amitabh.

What worries all of us is one fact – relating to AMUL’s advertisement – when are we becoming to stay in good MENTAL health with an obligation and not enforced by laws?