the UNDO key

Most of us know that our moods swing! Did you read the President elect of US became that due to a swing of votes? These swings affect the way we react and respond to stimuli. I have been lucky to work for many organizations and have been a victim of mood swings. It affected my career, family and life.


Women use their right brains more and men left brains and the affect of feelings influence the mood we get set to in a given situation. This idea was a result of study using functional magnetic resonance imaging processes. Age, ovulation and even diet may influence mood swings. Swings may last split seconds to days. So I took a trip on my mood swings to find reasons why I cannot balance myself in relationships. It may result in euphoria or depression. Then I conceptualized a 50:50 theory of balance, between happiness and being sad.

Causes of imbalance

In a recent discussion on the subject with a neuro-physician I was informed of the way hormones affect mood swings. If a person has an abnormal level of one or several of certain neurotransmitters in their brain, it may result in having mood swings. Hormones play a vital role. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is involved with sleep, moods, and emotional states. A slight imbalance of this NT could result in depression. Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter that is involved with learning, memory, and physical arousal. Like serotonin, an imbalance of norepinephrine may also result in depression. Aside from estrogen’s many roles in our sexual health, it is also known to be a neuro-stimulant. Estrogen levels have a domino effect on brain chemistry and moods. That’s going deep into the biochemistry. Moods and mood disorders are quite complex and can vary significantly from one person to the other and from one day to the next.


Most of us in a normal day pass through 50 to 60000 thoughts, but amongst those many only less than five need your concern. Only those thoughts can have an influence in you or you can influence those thoughts. Then why worry? Our moods can significantly influence how we live our lives.

Emotions and Feelings

Did you ever feel helplessness in the face of mood swings as the burden of the past and fear of future affect your thought chains? To me YES, a capital embossed yes. As I looked at me, I found one of the many reasons I became a victim was that I was not very assertive in the beginning. It was then I met Sabitha who narrated her story to me.

Sabitha a home maker was finding it difficult to cope with her head ache that haunted her. She had to take care of her two children as her husband was mostly concerned about himself and his interests. Feeling responsible she did almost everything at home, looked after her kids and attended to the tantrums of her husband, to please all. She worked at a mall where her timings were stringent. She then decided to introspect. She advised her kids to share the responsibilities by assigning work at home as they studied. Ironing and washing vessels were a job assigned to her husband apart from doing purchase of house hold items on his way back. Sabitha found extra time at hand and she invested in herself by going to a nearby gym and improved on her body health. Soon a balance was emerging both psychologically and physically that transformed and took the headaches away.  She took up responsibilities by being more assertive.

Emotional health is parallel to physical being to live in a better way. Parameters that influence us are that we indulge in all kinds of those 50 to 60000 thoughts that surface in each one of us. Evaluate and find where you can influence the thoughts, if not let go and allow them to pass through your brain as passengers. You need not build a dam on the flow of such thought chains, just let it flow.

Many have a mixed feeling on assertiveness by confusing this with aggressiveness. Actually assertiveness is a positive approach with a win-win situation for the concerned. It’s like driving into a highway from a side road. If you are passively waiting for each of vehicle to pass on highway, drivers in cars behind you will get upset and a traffic jam is created. If you are over aggressive and cut into the highway, that’s hazardous. It’s a judgment of being assertive in your life’s journey.

We give our power away to someone outside without knowing what our needs and rights are. We have to know who we are and do not beg or borrow power from outside. It’s within all of us. Illusion is that relationships may take away your pain of being small; reality on the other hand is relationships magnify the pain that pain that keeps you small. Remember your source of strength is at the end of your palm, within you. At times such a pain comes from hurt; someone hurts you. Forgive and forget. Your forgiveness is a gift to yourself and not to the person who hurt you. In pursuing punishment to the other person you are over burdened. Forgive.

Looking at past, we try and define ourselves as per our accomplishments and achievements. We search to find ourselves, outside ourselves – in the society we live, the relationships we have and the positions of power we have in professional fields. Undo that search outside to please others. Be happy on what you are; content yourself with what you have. In search for self outside of us, we are preparing ourselves to pretend. Be happy. You are in fact the epitome of happiness within. Enjoy life.

Reality is not what it seems. Truth neither is appropriately understood by all. Perfection is a mirage. I am perfectly imperfect – a simple belief that I nourish daily along with my daily dose of medication – vitamin “PI”.