GLOBAL ALUMNI MEET – NSS College of Engineering – 2016

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It was Victor Hugo who said – “No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come”

Some time back a few thoughts were seeded at Akathethara, a remote village where an Engineering Educational Institution sprung up in 1960. That’s over half a century ago, and students from first batch (1963-64) onwards graduated. Once again let me quote Victor Hugo, and he was right.

A Global Alumni Meet is being organized for the first time at Palakkad, on the 30th and 31st July. Alumnus aged beyond 75 years and those from the classrooms of the Institution are expected to congregate under the banyan tree. Old stories will open gates for new horizons of relationships through the alma mater.

Theme for the meet “SHARE ↔ GROW” is symbolic of the purpose. After all, for most of alumni, “the beginning towards their end” was seeded there, where the withering and tempering melted in a crucible where human chemistry bonded into newer DNA. The same is the theme of the LOGO, an engineering geometrical shape that houses alma mater and the alumni in different locations, ages and profiles support the square from within. The soothing color is tempting, affairs of love and imagination under the banyan tree, raising a fire in the minds of all. Alumni en-vision these ideas.

The two day event should God willing; will be a mix of fun, festivity, rich content, sharing and interaction with promises towards contribution collectively and individually in an old bottle called “nostalgia”. This should propel the “althara” (the banyan tree bed) in to the orbit of a Global Community, whose roots are embedded at Akathethara.

“Globalization creates an illusion of intimacy… when in fact mental distances have changed little” – Martin Jacques. With the changes that happened from then till now, alumni have gone beyond the borders to expand the boundaries of knowledge and habitat. We need to evaluate if distances reduced in gaps on 31st July.

Expectations of “Global Alumni Meet – NSS CE – 2016” are that old relationships will find new colors; new relationships will engage in a weave-less fabric of time; will develop and evolve feelings that migrate and transcend rhetoric scope definitions.

On the 1st of August, 2016, Akathethara will definitely have foot-prints that cannot be wiped away by waves – of teachers, engineers, friends, celebrities; seekers of knowledge; comrades, musicians and artists bringing forth “raga, thala & layam” that synergizes and synthesize old and new; creating something through re-creation and innovation.

  • Amaranth Pallath

(Alumni – NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala, India – 1968 Batch – Mechanical Branch)