P i N k


When “AMUL” brought out the advertisement “Stay in the PINK of health”, I thought of the way we all are dying with a lack of mental strength and health.

This time all over again I stretched out of my long drawn disinterest not to watch moves, the last probably being PIKU, on which I blogged, that time.

Amul’s ad is using the caption PINK, the Amitabh movie that we all watched again at Crown theatre. The tickets were done by my elder daughter’s husband through digital account. No need to be in queue, and as we entered the hall was not full. Probably the story invades in our minds with an axe

Amitabh acted no doubt on that part, but all those tiny characters acted well too. Sircar did a wonderful job that presented women and their plight. The 20+ age group is set to rule the professional world with more than 60% of total by year 2020, by projections. It’s relevant that we watch and probably look for a hand kerchief in between.

The theme could have been like a detective film but narrated in the court and through lawyers. The story unfolds what probably is and what may cause heart burns to many in future.

Power in any form needs to be handled well, as otherwise the nation dies. As powerless now rule the majority. But the increasing level of understanding and applying thoughts may have an impact on society as I felt after watching PINK.

“Safety rules” came up to me as a good subject as an ardent trainer on safety matters in professional life.  One needs to recognize the conceptual and reality paths and the gaps within so that accidents do not turn out on victim’s survival. Policies are important and that comes out of processes.

Like the American citizen Harinder Bains  who spotted Rahami in US, Amitabh’s show as a lawyer who takes over the gown all over again to lead truth in to the court need to be part of the psyche of every citizen as a responsible fearless individual. You need to be ruthless and open to show the difference so that the erring persons whether on road or in hiding is taken to stage of justice.

Girls are girls and boys are boys, as we turn ourselves and tilt the gender biases in balance over a period of time. After all time is in check, to change the mode and morals in the factory of ethics. The cast need to change as we mould young minds that outgrow set patterns of thought processes that take over the rules and establishments.

“NO” is a word that years back my sister in Canada informed me of teaching her sons in Kindergarten Schools long back. Instead of A B C, the curriculum advances with saying NO. It’s difficult to say so, for fear of being isolated. But as my ex boss mentioned once – If you want to resolve, you should be at the center of the crowd. no is a NO, including that for consensual sex. That’s it as mentioned by Amitabh.

What worries all of us is one fact – relating to AMUL’s advertisement – when are we becoming to stay in good MENTAL health with an obligation and not enforced by laws?


“Heaven willed that I spend my life with a man not meant for me, and I am wasting my days silently according to the will of Heaven, but if the gates of eternity do not open, I will remain with the beautiful half of my soul and look back at the past and the past is the present … I shall look at life as Spring looks at winter, and contemplate the obstacles of life as one who has climbed the rough trail and reached the mountain top.” – Wrote Kalil Gibran

In those words, we feel the feelings of a human being.

It is interesting to know Lakshmi, who actually underwent and compressed her feelings within. She had heart burn, gas trouble and headaches. Her husband was busy with his work and all household chores social obligations, children’s education etc. were all that she had to do. Mentally and physically tired she became an unfit persona. She then went on to understand feelings and it’s manifestations within her-self. A study helped her to be assertive and that helped her children to share chores and her husband understanding to tilt the balance in the family.

Don’t we feel that our mind is a complicated thing? With pent up sensations, reactions and feelings in our day to day relationships. Our mind creates suspicion, misery, anger and endless problems. Apart from this we tend to make it more clever, articulating, cunning and dishonest to ourselves. A problem we face.

We see the world as the “I” (EGO) sees it. We cannot see the absolute either by thought or imagination. Wittgenstein wrote “Conception of the world is limited by one’s thought and language” – A solution may come from appreciating the extensive thoughts our mind generate as well by its limits. Mind binds us with needs and desires. A King asked a holy man what he wanted as a gift. The holy man said to fill up his cup with gold coins. King tried but no matter the cup won’t get filled! King then asked for the secret of his cup. “This cup is like the mind of every person who is never content. It never gets filled and is not supposed to.”

Our own embedded negative feelings make us insecure. A tragedy we ourselves invite. Like physical well being we need to have mental health. This is possible by de-cluttering negative emotions. A single feeling that is negative can drain us of a day’s energy. Introspecting, reasoning and looking back help us to understand what makes us sad and irritable? That helps to bridge what is in between our body and mind. The balance energy copes for our future action.

Humanity as evidenced in numbers have thus many variations of thoughts and beliefs. These variations or differences create confusion and later lead us to conflicts. Conflicts exist and are to be managed. Each point of view can be validated and re-validated and is a process. Sticking to one as good or bad is a stigma arising out of ego. There is no “delete” or “reboot” buttons that we can touch on screen of life, as we do on cell phones. It is possible to communicate, understand apologize and forgive the other person. That reduces the heaviness in our minds. One tend to avoid consuming a pain killer pill.

Conflict between logic and feelings is a matter that we should be aware of. Once the brain said –“I’m the smartest organ of the body” and the heart said “who told you?’ Feelings are part of our psyche; we need to be aware and handle it well, to belong in any relationship.

We belong. Like in a share taxi, passengers are together for some time and each one has a different destination. Like the arrow, that comes through the bow but does not belong to the bow, it follows own course. We bundle up feelings. But we need to release by detoxification.

To be pleasant or unpleasant is a personal choice over the circumstances and conditions that we entangle moment by moment. The circumstances can make us a victim. The same circumstances if dealt with positive motives can alter the outcome and brings happiness within.

Unpleasantness is a result of setbacks. “Setbacks are inevitable. Misery is a choice. Reasons are always there, but never an excuse” – wrote Stephen Covey.

“All emotions are impulses to act in handling life. The root of the word emotion is motere, a Latin word, meaning to move with the prefix ‘e’ to connote move away. This suggests a tendency to act with every emotion” – Daniel Goleman. Our rational thinking mind in the “head” is different from the “heart”. The convictions are different. The more intense is the feeling more dominant the emotional mind becomes. We need to be aware of the feelings that transgress within our heart and precipitate as sediments.

That may be why they say – Life’s deepest feelings are expressed in silence” – because feelings that come back are feelings that never went away. By soft handling of feelings, being aware of it help us to have a balanced approach.

Do not waste time on revenge – forgive, forget.





Reshaping self beliefs

As I was in the kitchen making dosha my wife was engrossed in cooking iddlis. The batter is nearly the same but iddlis are cooked different. Simple, though, that moment set a pattern of questions in mind.

Most turned out on the belief systems that get embedded in our minds. They set our thoughts, and those very thoughts turn the way we see moments, hours, days and months into future.

In my house where six of us went to schools and colleges my ammamma (grand mom) made iddlis on week days and dosha or aappams during weekends.  As I grew I knew the reason. But the set belief about iddlis still linker in mind countering reasons. This happens.

Probably belief systems damage relationships. We tend to believe “SHE” is not as good as “HE”. Some believe that days passed by were better than days to come. At least a few think that financially they can never recover. We tend to believe some of the illnesses are not curable. It’s a mental fabric that creates impediments for us to look beyond.

While working in the Middle East when I used to start the car early morning, cats that rested under chassis crossed and ran to front. Belief system indicated earlier in life was a bad omen. If I were to wait for something better to cross I would never have attended work!

Look at children and we see them not confined to themselves with such set beliefs. They have no fear. They take things and chose their ways on the spur of the moment. We were once upon a time like them. Over a period of time we changed to a set pattern of thought. If fear is cultivated, that seed becomes stronger. In a changing world scenario unless we change our thoughts we become victims of own thoughts.

By changing our thoughts we can shift gears in our journey called life. Using the indicators and making amends in the route we reach our goals at ease. When brakes are applied we find ways to escape un-hurt. Feelings are the same. Declutching is a need to change and move forward. We need to practice forgiveness.

It’s a mental agony when we swim within the restrictions set by those very belief systems. We get diseases due to toxic contents injected by thoughts. Our attitudes measure and drive us. The way to view and review our thought patterns are like viewing the rear view mirror and side view mirrors.

“The cause and effect” theory is applicable the way we feel happy or otherwise. Situations keep changing. We need to understand the cause that we create. Then appreciate the affect on us. We cause internal injury by some thoughts.

It’s rigidity in our set patterns of thought that give us stiff necks and chest pains. If we are flexible and at ease with the swinging affects that surround us, we see things like the way children play with kaleidoscope. Adapt and enjoy with the ever improving patterns that emerge on a tilt of kaleidoscope. Children play with toys. Can we?

We get involved as we move on time with jealousy, guilt, anger, criticism, hurt and resentment. We anchor thoughts inflicting internal bleeds with negative feelings. This robs us of the brightness of the day, the chirp of birds, and the magic of colours of the flowers we see. We shut our eyes to those wonderful moments by purposely filtering only negative thoughts. Why do we harbor our past? Why we often reload elapsed time spaces?

Stiff necks and bottlenecks siphon out our energies. They give us constipation, both physical and in feelings. Rigidity causes heartburns. We create our own boundaries. Out-of-the-box thinking is a tool we need to apply in daily lives. Edward de Bono created the seven hats exercise to find alternatives. We can think different – vertical and horizontal. That helps us to pause, re-visit, lift the anchor and steer away from the turmoil or the tsunami we expected were hindering us to move ahead.

For internal peace and happiness we need to have a self approval process of our identities and images we create.  We are what we are due to our thought chains. We need to indulge in thoughts that ignite and burn self beliefs. And that ignition lights pathways to progress. Love without conditions is integral to forgiving.

After all iddlis also have changed shapes and forms!






One Night STAND; a future shock!

word Press - ONS

Actually I stood up from my bed at about 12.30 a.m. like when the word Eureka was coined in history.

It’s about IDEAS that change the world we live. Long ago I wrote a blog when I read in news about the government banning the good old bullock carts plying on the modern roads. That was about the past and now I am dwelled in thought on the future – unseen, but imagined.

I lived when bullock carts and horse driven carriages were on the streets of Calicut, Kerala. So I thought I may not be able to imagine what is in store for us. My second daughter sent me a text on my Whats App that night and all that triggered made me stand up that night.

I went to the wash room and seeing the soap in a tube remembered the good old “Hama am” and “Lux” soaps and some of the old brands like Scissors in cigarettes. When I passed SSLC, I spent two hours daily at a type writing institute, but where is that item? Only the location of the alphabets has not changed in the cell phone. I worked for a company whose organizational Logo and Name changed many times in acquisitions. Old is sold!

Look at Kodak, in 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. In a few years, their business model disappeared and they got bankrupt. Like KODAK many companies would close down in the next few years. Did we think in 1998 that 3 years later we would never take pictures on paper film again? We are in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Exponential Age.

Computers become exponentially better in understanding the way we want to be doing things in future. Facebook now have a “Pattern recognition software” that can recognize faces better than humans. Already computers are more intelligent than humans. These only help us chose and not help us decide.
Software will rotate 360 degrees in design and can see future into a virtual reality.

Uber is just a software tool, and are the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties.

In 2018 the first self driving cars is expected in market place. Automobiles will change the way we see now. . You may not own a car anymore. You will make a call on your cell and a car will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it, you only pay for the driven distance and will be driver-less. Our kids need not go and test drive for a driving license. Pollution will come down when we reduce use of cars now in cities. We transform parking space into parks. Imagine about 1.2 million people die each year in traffic accidents worldwide. Driver-less cars along with Uber like companies can save a million lives each year.
Tesla- Apple- Google shall revolutionise changes and build a computer on wheels. Insurance companies will have massive trouble because without accidents, the insurance will become 100 times cheaper. Their Car insurance business model will …?

“Work from home” scenario is already spreading fast. Location is not an issue. And so Real estate prices will crumble. If your home is workplace then people will move further away to live in a more beautiful neighborhood. You do not shop in stores, stores deliver at home.

Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can only now see the impact. Last year, more solar energy was installed worldwide than fossil. The price for solar will drop so much that all coal companies will be out of business by 2025.Saudi Arabia’s new economic ideas have already shifted from fossil fuel based economy. Price per barrel of crude oil is to be seen. When solar power comes cheap and desalination cost will be down scarcity of water in most places will not be there. One can have as much clean water as he wants.

Agricultural robots will run our paddy fields and no more bullock wielding farmers. Right now, 30% of all agricultural surfaces are ploughed by cows. There are several startups that will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled as “alternative protein source”. I have heard that china imports chicken wastes and other animal wastes to produce alternate proteins.

There is an app called “moodies” which can already tell in which mood you are. Soon there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions if you are lying, and that will trigger relationship issues like love affairs and one night stands! The mood will be “CLEARER” with those Apps.

Life span has improved over a period of time. From now on with medical diagnosis with tests from your breath and not from your blood will reduce cost of diagnosis. Medication costs will also come down as changed life styles without stress begin to appear. Thus life span increases by 3 months per year. Life span around 70-75 years increase itself and by 2036, there will be an increase of one year per year. Then nostalgia will talk about historical memories of more than 90 years, when people speak. Stories will overwhelmingly rotate and change.
Because wrongs can be seen as right, and tomorrow’s concepts will change the way we look at things, the scenario will definitely be unthinkable as of now.

Change is everything, they say – and when I stood up that night, I really understood the way things are going to change. ROBOT s without feelings and emotions, will be “next-Gen” children?

As in that era there will not be any patent registrations, with the speed of changes, when I said “eureka” – as I stood up, I was crystal clear, that I was not dreaming.

GLOBAL ALUMNI MEET – NSS College of Engineering – 2016

April End on Web Portal

It was Victor Hugo who said – “No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come”

Some time back a few thoughts were seeded at Akathethara, a remote village where an Engineering Educational Institution sprung up in 1960. That’s over half a century ago, and students from first batch (1963-64) onwards graduated. Once again let me quote Victor Hugo, and he was right.

A Global Alumni Meet is being organized for the first time at Palakkad, on the 30th and 31st July. Alumnus aged beyond 75 years and those from the classrooms of the Institution are expected to congregate under the banyan tree. Old stories will open gates for new horizons of relationships through the alma mater.

Theme for the meet “SHARE ↔ GROW” is symbolic of the purpose. After all, for most of alumni, “the beginning towards their end” was seeded there, where the withering and tempering melted in a crucible where human chemistry bonded into newer DNA. The same is the theme of the LOGO, an engineering geometrical shape that houses alma mater and the alumni in different locations, ages and profiles support the square from within. The soothing color is tempting, affairs of love and imagination under the banyan tree, raising a fire in the minds of all. Alumni en-vision these ideas.

The two day event should God willing; will be a mix of fun, festivity, rich content, sharing and interaction with promises towards contribution collectively and individually in an old bottle called “nostalgia”. This should propel the “althara” (the banyan tree bed) in to the orbit of a Global Community, whose roots are embedded at Akathethara.

“Globalization creates an illusion of intimacy… when in fact mental distances have changed little” – Martin Jacques. With the changes that happened from then till now, alumni have gone beyond the borders to expand the boundaries of knowledge and habitat. We need to evaluate if distances reduced in gaps on 31st July.

Expectations of “Global Alumni Meet – NSS CE – 2016” are that old relationships will find new colors; new relationships will engage in a weave-less fabric of time; will develop and evolve feelings that migrate and transcend rhetoric scope definitions.

On the 1st of August, 2016, Akathethara will definitely have foot-prints that cannot be wiped away by waves – of teachers, engineers, friends, celebrities; seekers of knowledge; comrades, musicians and artists bringing forth “raga, thala & layam” that synergizes and synthesize old and new; creating something through re-creation and innovation.

  • Amaranth Pallath

(Alumni – NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala, India – 1968 Batch – Mechanical Branch)



Soliloquy (Ugly is beautiful – if handled well)

Beyond the might of Alps, its beauty and elegance, what still strikes me when in thoughts is what my wife and I watched with awe. A lady holding her pet dog allowed it to litter on snow. After that she took out a plastic bag, picked up the discharge, wrapped and rolled it into her hand bag. Just a few days ago, while stepping into lift in our flat I stepped on to urine left behind by a pet dog and not minded by the owner. Both are lessons, about attitudes.

Observing nature is a source of abundance to learn lessons. Like reading a book, listening to TED lectures, discussing with people and thinking aloud, questioning with a reason.

Stories nurture our minds if we observe and listen like a child.

I learnt a lesson from this story. A farmer who grew award-winning corn was interviewed. The reporter discovered that she shared her corn seed with her neighbours.

Reporter asked the farmer “How can you afford to share your best corn seed with your neighbors when they are in competition with yours?”

he answered: The wind picks up pollen from ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbours grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbours grow good corn.”

Her attitude is a lesson. Those who choose to live in peace must help others to be happy. Happiness is infectious. Those who choose to be happy help others to find happiness, for the welfare of each is linked up with welfare of all.

It is possible to give away and become richer! It is also possible to hold on too tightly and lose everything. Reading this story, I went into a state of soliloquy. In general we take things for granted and remain ignorant how nature is at work in the background for us.

As we move on our journey it is interesting to take interludes and watch mojo moments that catapult our moods.

I wonder how a flower named “Star of Bethlehem” blossoms once in a year and another one named “Neelakurinji” in Munnar, Kerala blossoms once in 14 years. Another variety named “Puya berteroniana” flowers once in a century. Remember the Deciduous plants that shed leaves in winter? Have you heard of a bird named Pied Crested Cuckoo” that only drinks water when it rains and not any other way? All these are examples that enrich our understanding in making choices, being silent and at times using the tactics of “Deaf-Ear” in relationships.

On my Face book account I add a quote and a picture daily, and the largest number of “like” came for the quote – “Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about”.

That brings us to the concept of “deaf-ear and blind-eye” syndrome in relationships. That’s acting “as-if” you did not hear when communications that you do not want to respond. By choosing to have temporary “blind eyes”, we tend to move on a path that least disturb the equilibrium in relationships.

Disposing off dogs excreta, shedding of leaves when matured, bird waiting for rains for drinking water, flower that blossom in a century – help us to understand that in a large cosmic alignment we can make choices that makes others happier.

To a large extent it’s about empathy, like the corn grower, that we manage the outcome to best advantage that result in exciting moments, and reap maximum benefits.

We need to build a relationship with nature, so that the tendency we create in ourselves “deaf-ear” & “blind-eye”, wipe away the clouds we recreate so that we listen to birds chirps and feel the wind that brush past our cheeks.



A few days before I decided to get in to the space rarely people venture unless it is a dream – The Future. Then I remembered my friend in Dammam (Saudi Arabia) advising me to get in to my past right from imagining that I was in the womb of my mother. Another colleague said that I reached thus far till that moment on a straight line path and future is an extension of that straight line. Wondered what it means? It appears that future, like the past and present influences each other. Just like past influencing future can alter present. It’s all made up of STEPS, steps on which we move up and down or stand still.

As I sat on the STEPS recently at my friend’s house “Sriniketan” in Kalladikkode, I thought for a while that future is unknown. I sat on the steps that lead me to a water reservoir where he breeds fish. His narration was that the pond was a result of the removal of granite stones on the rocky formation that his great grandfather had allowed the British Logistics people to blast. The granite stones paved the road that connected Malabar’s North and South. The story of the past to the future is embedded on those STEPS made of granite where I sat to pose for a picture. History evolves in STEPS.

It is Deepak Chopra who said – “Relinquish attachment to the known, STEP into the unknown and you will STEP into the field of all possibilities”

Planning success is a matter that management books tell us about. They follow the STEP by STEP method.

My thoughts were in consolidation that STEPS make it possible, to learn from the past and enter the unknown future. Darsh my grandson grew up from birth (like all of us) making attempts and walking on legs with tiny STEPS to create own future. We need to appreciate this fundamental principle that small STEPS rather than huge ones help us to get back sooner after a fall or to correct a mistake.

Life is a series of STEPS, small ones, mostly insignificant, in our journey of life. Some think that taking a STEP backward after making many forward STEPS is not bad. Most of the time we all take STEPS independently and at times holding some one’s hand. Sharing lives together is actually sharing a STEP in time. As I was recouping after the Transverse Myelitis disease the doctor advised initially to walk forward which I could do with difficulty, sideways more difficult but taking STEPS backward was impossible. That of course was after I was paralyzed due to a virus infliction. As time moved my STEPS helped me to return to life. Some STEPS build boundaries. They limit relationships. They fence you in. Forgiving is not a STEP backward, in fact is a STEP forward. Most of us get stuck in routines, and forget that we need to take deviating STEPS as we align with the true North that provide us with the direction in our journey.

It was Lao Tzu who said – “A journey of thousand miles begin with a single STEP”

It was on camel backs that my wife and me took STEPS to see the magnitude of Egyptian Pyramids. Those gigantic stones were raised up in STEPS in their creation. It takes time to climb STEPS and to peak in performance. History is etched in STEPS. Wonder the old story of “slow and steady wins the race” is in conflict with the pace we affix in our daily routines. Pause on one of those STEPS may allow us to introspect and find alternatives. Nature nurtures our thoughts on STEPS that we take in haste. Also the short cuts we attempt to go past.

This month I STEPPED out and visited ailing friends and classmates. Never thought that those STEPS I deviated from routine would make them and me a lot happier. Dalai Lama – “Time flows; no one can stop time.” He continued “All sentient beings wish to be happy. Because of the power of intelligence, human beings have much better ability to avoid suffering. Intelligence is also the source of problems. There’s too much stress. The more educated you are, the more expectations you have (and others have of you), your hopes and fears too are intensified because of memory and intelligence.” A STEP to think!

In 2015 we visited Hampi and that’s a place of history where stones are carved that created an empire of architecture. On some STEPS I sat so deeply in thoughts to go backward and also forward into spaces unknown. History is etched in STEPS.

It is in this context that my family collects stones from countries we visit and our friend’s visit. To make STEPS in memoirs to feel that places we visited; are on the mother earth and those stones tell us stories. We need to write our own stories of our lives. Lives – that enrich. We need to find out STEPS that allow us to walk an extra mile where it is not crowded. In 1969 Neil Armstrong said “That’s one small STEP for man; one giant leap for mankind” as he landed on moon.

Nick Vijucik does not have legs to make leaps! He has tiny ones; nevertheless he makes STEPS. Watch this VIDEO on you tube and the link:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lrXTvOTncU

As I returned home from “Sriniketan” stopping over the STEPS in history I thought future holds relevance to the past and present and influence all of us to take STEPS, at times deviating STEPS so that we chart our story with thoughts.